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Invisible Warriors

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Invisible Warriors

Living Strong with a Better

Understanding of Chronic Illness

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Dive into 'Invisible Warriors,' a journey into the world of invisible illnesses. Alyssa Mortell demystifies chronic conditions without medical jargon, offering a roadmap for advocacy and empowerment.

  • Unveils invisible illnesses.

  • Demystifies chronic conditions.

  • Provides advocacy roadmap.

  • Empowers with practical resources.

  • Offers personal resonance.

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Invisible Warriors provides a candid portrayal of the daily realities of living with a chronic illness. It serves as an indispensable resource for friends and family, offering valuable insights to enhance their understanding of loved ones grappling with these concealed struggles.

- Keira Auld

I learned about myself and my compassion and sometimes lack of compassion for others from reading

Invisible Warriors

- Elizabeth Valente

This book really opened my eyes to just how “real” the pain is, and how hard it can be to not receive support from one’s friends and family.

- Lauren Sterritt

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